QuickBooks H101 Error Code Issue | Fix in Simple Steps

Resolve QuickBooks H101 Error Code Issue


The QuickBooks/QB software is a vast platform that enables users to keep track of their transactions effectively. However, due to some technical reasons, there are chances of errors occurring. These errors tend to disrupt your task. But don’t worry, these issues can be fixed. The QuickBooks Error code H101 is one of the most common error codes that might bother you. We have got easy solutions to fix it. The QuickBooks H101 error shows up when there is a technical interruption while the business enterprise files and folders are located on different systems.


You need extra configuration to access the files and folders. If the configuration does not matches, then you’re most likely to welcome this error. In this post, we will be discussing the various ways to fix QuickBooks Error H101.



What Is The QuickBooks Error Code H101?

 The QB Error Code H101 is a network connectivity issue that occurs when a user tries to access the company file, but the file is not found on the server or the server is not responding. This error code usually appears when the user is trying to open the company file from a different computer that is not on the same network as the server. The error message appears as “QuickBooks is unable to connect with the company file due to an H101 error.” This error is related to network connectivity and can be resolved by troubleshooting the network settings, ensuring that the firewall is not blocking the QuickBooks software, and verifying the server settings. If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek assistance from a  professional.

The QuickBooks Error code H101 is a special code that lets the user know about the proper location of the company files and folders along with an additional configuration. There are multiple reasons why this error code can come up. One such reason is when the security software blocks access to the location of the files in the computer.


What Is The Significance Of The QuickBooks Error Codes?

 QuickBooks Error Codes are particularly used to specify the type of error. Knowing the type will help in simplifying our research about that error, why it is caused, and how it can be fixed. It is mostly found in user-friendly products when something gets wrong or out of expectation.


Common Causes of the QuickBooks Error Code H101

 To fix an error, you need to know why it is caused. Let’s know some common causes of why the QuickBooks Error H101 code happens.


  • You are unable to view the corporate file because firewall settings are restricted.
  • The DNS settings are incorrect.
  • There are no host settings configured.
  • Issues can also result from improper installation.
  • Your server does not host any of the QuickBooks services like QBCFMonitor.
  • The hosting of firm files is not configured correctly.


How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code H101?

 There are many ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error code H101 but we have mentioned the most suitable and recommendable troubleshooting solutions so that it gets easy and safe for everyone to follow. The solutions listed below are easy, and safe and ensure you that your problem will be fixed without any extra effort.


Method 1:- Verifying the QuickBooks Services

  • Open the run box by pressing the Windows + R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Type “Services. MSc” on the run box and press the Enter button.
  • Look for the QuickBooks DBXX service by scrolling down the service window.
  • Check for the type of startup and the service status if it’s running properly or not.
  • In case it is not running properly, make sure it does.
  • Click on the recovery tab on the run box.
  • Choose the drop-down menu list.
  • Here, you can choose to begin the services for failing the first time.
  • After this, if it still fails to reboot services, keep repeating this process for the second consecutive third, and fourth time.
  • Click on the OK button to save the changes done for the setting.
  • Repeat the entire process from step 1 once again to monitor the services.
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks again on all computer terminals. You can also try the multi-user mode.


Method 2: Verify the QuickBooks Hosting

  • To verify or host, you need to open the QuickBooks software on all the systems available in your computer terminal.
  • Visit files and choose Utilities there.
  • Try to access the multi-user host on all the systems.
  • If it is already available on your system particularly, then you don’t have to do any changes to it.
  • Select the Stop the Hosting Button to set the Multi-user Access.
  • Lastly, repeat the entire process mentioned above on all the systems to keep them in sync.


Method 3:- Create a new shared folder for your company files

  • Create a new folder and share it on the hosting device.
  • Set properly configured windows to get access to the shared company files.
  • Copy the. QBW file to a new folder.
  • Lastly, open the shared files in multi-user mode.


Method 4:- Running the Doctor tool of the QuickBooks Software

The Doctor Tool in QuickBooks is the final and ultimate tool that will search for errors and make your work easy. It is well known for successfully troubleshooting all QuickBooks error codes. You can also install the QuickBooks Doctor Tool file on your device. It is like a magic wand once you install it for running your application. This is how the QuickBooks Doctor tool fixes the QuickBooks H101 Error Code Issue.


What Are The Other Possible Solutions To Fix the Quickbooks H101 Error Code?

Running The QuickBooks Database Server Manager


If you face a problem with the network connection due to the QuickBooks H101 error code, then you may try running the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. You can do this with the help of QuickBooks Tool Hub. Let’s learn how to apply it:


  • On the bottom left of Windows, click the search box.
  • In the given search box, type “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Select the tab “Network Issues” on the left side of your screen.
  • The “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” will open now.
  • Click “Start Scan” if you can see where your QB company file is located.
  • Or else, click the “Browse” option, select the preferred company file, and then click on “Start Scan.”

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager begins repairing the firewall as soon as you start the procedure.

Adjusting the Firewall Settings

The Windows Defender Firewall frequently prevents some programs and apps from operating. This is why you may fail to access the files and folders of your company. That is why we will sanction the app using Windows Defender in this method:


  • Press on the “Windows + R” keys, to display the “Run” dialogue box.
  • The text area should read “Control Panel.”
  • Press “OK” to confirm.
  • Click on the “System and Security” link.
  • Then from the given set of menus, select “Windows Defender Firewall”.
  • Select the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option situated on the left of your screen.
  • Approve the “Quickbooks.app” from the given list of programs.
  • Press “OK” to confirm.

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