How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029?

Errors in QuickBooks are prevalent. However, you can try to fix these errors effectively by following some simple steps. Most users encounter The QuickBooks Error Code 12029 when they prepare to download the payroll or update the QuickBooks desktop application. There is no way you can deny the impossibility to avoid a software update periodically and experience smooth functioning. The QuickBooks Error code 12029 can also come up if you face difficulty in connecting your software to the internet.

You can also face this error due to some issues in a particular browser, firewall, or the introduction of antivirus in your software. This is a highly intimidating and boisterous error in nature but in this post, we will comprehensively guide you with the common causes of this error along with the methods to fix them. Those methods are 100% effective and will remove the error from QuickBooks for real.


What is The QuickBooks Error Code 12029?


The most common cause of the QuickBooks error code 12029 is a software update timeout. This error is likely if the software doesn’t have access to the server. Additionally, this issue may appear if you attempt to update the QuickBooks desktop software or if you attempt to make certain adjustments to the QuickBooks payroll service function.

To take advantage of the new capabilities, you must periodically upgrade the QuickBooks program in addition to using its advantages. Such an error may appear when you try to download a paycheck or upgrade QuickBooks to the most recent version. Furthermore, improperly set up systems files might cause operating system and accounting software registry issues.


Common Causes Of The QuickBooks Error Code 12029


The QuickBooks Error Code 12029 can be caused mostly due to


  • The firewall and the internet security system block QuickBooks’ connection with the server.
  • The SSL setting is incorrect.
  • Not having the Internet Explorer Browser as the default browser of your device.
  • Background damage of the QuickBooks software due to third-party programs.
  • Not updating the QuickBooks software.
  • Having Network timeout issues.

These causes have their respective strategic solutions which will help to fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029. Let’s check them out.


How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 12029?


Method 1:- Fix issues in the Internal Desktop, Internet, and Computer

This method is the strategic solution to the problem of QuickBooks access to the server getting blocked by firewalls and internet security systems. Follow the steps given below to deal with the QuickBooks Error 12029 code rising for this problem.

  • You will need to check for any computer upgrades using this method. Then install every available update.
  • Also, be sure to update QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version.
  • Check the latency of the Internet and look for any dropped packets.

Note: This step is very important as the QuickBooks software works best with Internet Explorer Browser.

  • Make Internet Explorer the default browser after an upgrade.
  • Check and correct the SSL settings now.
  • Check the internet security and firewall settings, and make sure QuickBooks connections are permitted.
  • Finally, restart the computer to complete the process.

Method 2:- Format and Reset the Internet Web Browser

This solution is effective if performed for fixing Quickbooks Error 12029 code coming up due to wrong SSL settings. The steps to perform this solution are:-

  • For using this specific method first, open the browser and select Tools.
  • Choose the Internet options after that.
  • Select the Reset tab under the Advanced menu.
  • The internet browser will now use the default settings.
  • Then you need to click the OK tab and restart the computer.

Method 3:- Check the Settings of the Internet Explorer

Check on the Internet explorer settings when you don’t have Internet Explorer as your default browser. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • You must first shut QuickBooks and launch Internet Explorer to examine the internet explorer settings.
  • Next, select Tools and then click Internet settings.
  • Set the security level to Medium-high by selecting the Globe symbol under the Security menu and opening it.
  • Also, you need to open the Connection tab and select the Never dial-up connection option if you haven’t before used the dial-up mode of the system. In addition, select the Correct ISP and press the OK tab.
  • The LAN settings tab should be selected next, and the Automatically detect settings tab should be checked. Verify that you are using the proxy server option as well.
  • Then click on the Restore advanced settings button after opening the Advanced tab.
  • Hit “OK” to move forward. After that, save your modifications and quit Internet Explorer.
  • Finally, restart the computer and attempt upgrading QuickBooks Desktop once more.

Method 4:- Open Windows in a safe and secure environment

You should open Windows in a safe and secure environment if third parties try to damage the Quickbooks functionality thereby raising the 12029 error code. Running Windows in a safe mode will let you know if you’re facing an error due to some background software. The steps to do so are:-

  • Restart your computer to start.
  • Continue pressing the F8 key after that until the Advanced Boot options appear.
  • Select the Safe Mode with the Networking option now, and then press the Enter key.
  • Launch the QuickBooks program and try to update once the Desktop appears. See if the error manifests.
  • If the error doesn’t appear, it signifies that another piece of software is obstructing the update procedure.
  • Restart your computer after finishing the update process as usual.
  • After that, the error won’t appear.

Method 5:- Update the QuickBooks desktop and payroll services and fix the updation services of payroll

These two solutions are best if you are facing the QuickBooks error code 12029 for having an outdated version of QuickBooks software.

The steps for updating payroll and QuickBooks desktop are:-

  • For using this method, you must unplug the wireless router or internet plug and check the latency of the internet.
  • Launch QuickBooks and the company business file.
  • Tap on Ctrl + K keys.
  • Select the Edit tab in the window that appears when you tap the keys
  • Deselect Open payroll setup.
  • Watch for the procedure to finish and update.

The steps for fixing the updating services are:-

  • Use the QuickBooks desktop’s Internet options menu to check the internet setup for resolving the problem.
  • Verify the system’s internet speed moving forward.
  • Select Next. Select the Advanced connection settings in addition.
  • Go to the Internet Properties window and select the advanced tab.
  • The SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 settings will be then checked.
  • Next, tap the Apply button before selecting the Ok tab.
  • Restart the software and close all open tabs.
  • Last but not least, try updating QuickBooks payroll services.

Method 6:- Format and reset the updated settings of the program

This solution is preferred for fixing the QuickBooks Error code 12029 when you get errors for network timeout issues. These steps will help you run the solution.

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop application, then select the Help tab.
  • Then select the Update Now tab.
  • Go to the Get updates tab and choose the Reset update checkbox.
  • Last but not least, verify that the updates were installed without displaying error code 12029.



The techniques shown above can be used to quickly fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029. In case, you face any difficulties in fixing the error with the above-mentioned steps feel free to contact us at our support number and our team of expert members will be there for your help.


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